Kitchen Table in Tulum

Kitchen Table in Tulum

Bring New Life to Your Kitchen Table Through Smart Renovation

Tucked away on a quiet side street in downtown Tulum, Mexico sits a cozy cafe with an understated exterior that belies its mighty reputation. Despite its humble appearance, Kitchen Table has become a destination eatery thanks to its laidback hospitality and crave-worthy fresh fare. Ask any Tulum local where to find the best breakfast in town, and they’ll undoubtedly point you to Kitchen Table. Let’s discover why this unassuming spot charms both tourists and residents

The Origins of Kitchen Table Tulum

Kitchen Table was opened in 2014 by Minnesota native Travis Kull, who moved to Tulum after visiting and falling in love with the coastal town. Seeing a shortage of homey breakfast spots in Tulum, Travis leveraged his restaurant experience to open Kitchen Table serving “basically everything I wanted to eat in the morning.”

The name Kitchen Table was chosen because Travis wanted to recreate the welcoming, made-from-scratch dishes of childhood weekend family breakfasts around the kitchen table. With an ethos centered on hospitality and community, Kitchen Table quickly became a word-of-mouth favorite among Tulum locals.

Despite its growing popularity, Kitchen Table retains a low-key, neighborly feel. Travis credits his amazing local staff with helping shape the cafe’s signature warmth and heart. Kitchen Table continues to focus on doing a few things excellently while maintaining a grounded, welcoming spirit

The Quintessential Tulum Breakfast Experience

Stepping into Kitchen Table feels like entering a friend’s cheerful home. Trendy it’s not – just simple decor with a cozy living room vibe. The food and service take center stage.Guests place orders at the counter, then take a seat at one of the mismatched tables, creamy lime-washed chairs, or vintage couches. You’ll be handed a small tin jug of fresh-squeezed orange juice while your food is prepared, setting a homespun tone.

The menu stays classic and familiar – think pancakes, waffles, omelets, and the ilk. But each dish surprises with thoughtful touches and ingredients. Fluffy pancakes get a boost from fresh mango, zucchini raises omelets to new heights, and shrimp add a savory twist to breakfast tacos.While dishes like the Kitchen Table Scramble or Crunchy French Toast satisfy, visitors particularly rave about the chilaquiles. The impossibly light, crispy tortillas swimming in complex red or green salsa make this traditional Mexican breakfast an addictive must-order

Kitchen Table in TulumBeyond the Standard Breakfast Fare

While breakfast and brunch classics take center stage, Kitchen Table also offers weekday lunch, weekend dinners, and creative cocktails to expand the experience.

Lunch dishes like wood-fired pizzas, salads, and sandwiches stay casual but flavorful. Specials like short rib tacos and vegetable curry provide more hearty lunch options. On Fridays and Saturdays, Kitchen Table transforms into a dinner hot spot with entrees like mole chicken enchiladas, ribeye steak, and daily seafood specials joined by Mexican wine or margaritas.

The vibe remains cozy and conversational as evenings progress into a lively scene. Paired with the warm lighting and good company, Kitchen Table provides a singular Tulum dining experience whether you visit morning, noon, or night.

What Makes Kitchen Table a Must-Visit in Tulum

When asked about Kitchen Table’s allure, regulars cite several key draws:

  •  The authentic hospitality and neighborly vibe. Staff greet you like an old friend, adding to the homey feel.
  •  Consistently fresh, high-quality ingredients that elevate straightforward dishes.
  •  The laidback, welcoming ambiance perfect for leisurely dining.
  •  How it brings locals and visitors together in an intimate yet lively setting.
  •  The uncomplicated, tasty takes on regional Mexican cuisine and comfort foods.
  •  Reasonable prices that encourage repeat visits.

The care put into each plate elevates basics into crave-worthy fare exuding the cook’s passion. In Travis Kull’s own words, “We just make really good food served by really good people.”

This quintessential neighborhood cafe embodies the magical blend of flavors, community, and coziness that make Tulum dining such a joy. When looking for an authentic taste of local breakfast culture in Tulum, pull up a chair at Kitchen Table. The only difficult decision is whether to order the life-changing chilaquiles rojos or verdes.

Kitchen Table in TulumBeyond Breakfast: Don’t Miss Kitchen Table for Lunch and Dinner

While breakfast may be what put Kitchen Table on the Tulum map, limiting your visits to the morning would mean missing out on some of the cafe’s best offerings. Kitchen Table’s ever-evolving lunch and dinner menus reveal new sides to this cozy eatery.

Fresh Lunch Flavors

Kitchen Table takes their lunch menu in creative directions while maintaining accessibility and homespun charm. Handhelds like burgers and tortas satisfy, while lighter options like grain bowls and vibrant salads supply a healthy meatless meal.

Specialties like the vegetarian Kitchen Burger crafted from beans, quinoa, and walnuts show chef Travis’ knack for reimagining familiar dishes. The pizza selection consistently impresses. Perfectly blistered and chewy crusts topped with fresh ingredients like arugula, prosciutto, and fig prove some of Tulum’s best pies get served up right here.

Don’t miss daily lunch specials like trailer park fish tacos or green curry with chicken. And be sure to save room for dessert – the peanut butter pie almost upstages the main courses. Kitchen Table’s lunch menus deliver a totally different experience than breakfast, yet retain the same spirit of creativity, freshness and hospitality.

Saturday Supper Club Worth Your Reservation

On Saturdays after 4pm, Kitchen Table switches gears for a casual but delectable dinner service. Having a meal here feels like being welcomed into the coziest dinner party. Guests dine family-style at a communal table stretching through the heart of the cafe as cooks plate up the evening’s offerings from the open kitchen.

The dinner menu focuses on seasonal, sustainable seafood and thoughtfully sourced meats. Depending on the day, you may indulge in perfect seared tuna, fall-off-the-bone lamb shanks, or a giant porterhouse steak to share. Balanced sides like squash risotto, roasted beets, and corn pudding complement the proteins.

Don’t expect pretention – the atmosphere stays relaxed and unfussy. Travis emphasizes that these dinners aim to recreate the warmth of friends sharing quality food around the table on the weekend. Make your reservation for Kitchen Table’s Saturday supper club and settle in for the full breadth of their talent beyond breakfast.

Late Night Happy Hour

Kitchen Table keeps the kitchen fires burning into the night on Fridays and Saturdays with a lively late-night happy hour from 9pm to midnight. Buzzing bar crowds take over the cafe sipping inventive tropical cocktails, ice-cold Mexican beers, and a thoughtful selection of wines.

Small shared plates keep stomachs satisfied, like dancing shrimp tacos, chicken mole empanadas, or Dia De Los Muertos skillet cornbread. The party vibe revs up as the evening progresses, with groups laughing over drinks on the back patio beneath strings of festive lights. Kitchen Table’s weekends truly run the gamut.

Kitchen Table Stands the Test of Time

After over five successful years serving Tulum, Kitchen Table easily could have fallen into complacency. But chef Travis continues finding inspiration from his local bounty and talented staff, resulting in ever-evolving menus keeping diners enthralled.The welcoming spirit cultivated from their debut remains steadfast. Regulars know Kitchen Table stands for quality ingredients prepared with consistency and care no matter what creations emerge daily.

Next time your Tulum dining itinerary has gaps to fill between breakfast and the late-night scene, pencil in a lunch, supper club dinner, or happy hour at Kitchen Table. The simple name belies the incredible range of experiences waiting at this humble hideaway.



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