Round Dining Table with Leaves

Round Dining Table with Leaves


How to Choose a Suitable Round Dining Table with Leaves in 2023?

As cities become more and more prosperous, the rooms in which people live become smaller and smaller. Especially in recent years, with the popularity of integrating living rooms and dining rooms, round dining tables with leaves are becoming more and more popular.

How to put a set of dining tables and chairs in a small restaurant to meet your needs at the same time takes time to select. And gatherings of friends, parents, relatives and friends are always indispensable during holidays. Therefore, it is very important to choose a round dining table with leaves that suits you.


Round Dining Table with Leaves


What are the Benefits of a Round Dining Table with Leaves?

The current layout of the house has the living room and dining room connected, blurring the boundaries between the living room and the dining room. The dining room has gradually moved away from its single function. For leisure and fun, the dining room is an extension of the living room, providing a larger space for the living room.

Therefore, the dining tables of current families of two or three are often smaller. When there are guests, they are often unable to sit down. Or they are too crowded during meals, which affects the experience of enjoying food. For such things, a round dining table with leaves is the magic of doubling the space. In order to cope with various scenes.

The round dining table with leaves can reflect the designer’s creativity and the ingenuity of the dining table structure design. For daily use at home, it is a small round table that can meet daily dining needs. When necessary, the size of the dining table can be changed by folding and telescopic leaves. It can also be turned into a large round table to expand the use space. You no longer have to worry about the space for guests to dine. This telescopic folding dining table is very suitable for small families.

Round Dining Table with Leaves

What Size Round Table should People Buy to Add Leaves?

Round dining table with leaves, just pull it gently. The leaves can rise and fall, and the tabletop will instantly enlarge and shrink, very smooth. It locks with a gentle push. The elegant round tabletop and cylindrical base make it easy to store dining chairs. It also greatly saves space. In this way, a small apartment can also have a large dining table, which can easily achieve freedom of space.

The circular dining table with leaves has a diameter of 120cm when contracted and a diameter of 160cm when expanded. The integrated telescopic design is convenient and fast.The sides of the embedded panel that can be lifted are made of high-quality. The hardware anti-collision buttons are connected, and the splicing leaves no trace. The combination is tight, and one person can easily stretch and shrink.

How Much Space does a Round Table with Leaves Require?

The outer eight-shaped table legs have strong load-bearing performance and are stable and non-swaying. The round dining table with leaves can make the aisle wider when retracted. The diameter of the dining table is 120cm when it is usually retracted, freeing up more space for your small restaurant.

Accompany A small home with warm daily meals brings us closer together. When it comes to special days or when friends come home, I always hope that the dining table will be bigger and bigger. It can accommodate the carefully prepared ceremony and full of deep friendship.

Round Dining Table with Leaves

Where are the Leaves for Round Dining Tables Stored?

The leaves of the round dining table are usually hidden under the dining table. This allows the round dining table to be unfolded and folded in one step, and the table can be easily and quickly extended and opened within reach. When not needed, the leaves can be placed under the table.

Moreover, the dining table is of scientific height for comfortable dining. The height of the dining table is 75cm, which is suitable for most dining chairs on the market. It does not strain the waist when dining, and the space at the bottom is unrestricted, making it easy for the legs to stretch.

Not only that, the unfolded leaves can also be smooth and flat against the tabletop, and can be merged with a gentle push. The dishes will not be uneven, making it stable and more secure. Moreover, the round dining table has curved corners to prevent children from bumping into it. More comfortable to the touch on the elbow.

What are the Different Leaf Extension Systems for Round Tables?

The round dining table with leaves adopts a central telescopic design.  Symmetrical aesthetics. There is also a folding round dining table. As the name suggests, the folding form is to fold and flip the overlapping leaves. This kind of dining table can be fixed at one corner, slid sideways to the center position, and then the leaves are unfolded. It is easy to operate and increases the dining table area. Instantly doubled in size.

Round Dining Table with Leaves

What are the Best Round Dining Table with Leaf Designs for Home?

The telescopic design of the round dining table with leaves, which is most suitable for families, allows you to freely control the space. It is suitable for both large and small apartments. Families and friends can gather together without fear of crowding. Moreover, the dining table has simple lines and a classic and simple appearance that will not go out of style.

It is very suitable for small-sized homes that integrate the living room and dining room.It has multiple uses and is very cost-effective. And the desktop is available in a variety of materials.

Finally, let’s explain the secret of making the round dining table with leaves larger. It can be divided into four simple steps to complete the transformation of the dining table.

  1. Support both sides of the round dining table with both hands
  2. Gently stretch the desktop to both sides
  3. Pull until the middle leaf is fully extended and flush with the desktop on both sides
  4. Gently push back to align the middle leaf with the tabletop.

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