Oval Pedestal Dining Tables

Oval Pedestal Dining Tables

The Stylish Simplicity of Oval Pedestal Dining Tables

Oval pedestal dining tables exude refined style with their elegantly curved tabletops perched upon a single base post. This popular dining table shape seamlessly fits within both traditional and contemporary home decors.Oval tables also efficiently use space without awkward corners or wide table legs infringing on seating capacity. Discover why oval pedestal tables should be at the top of your list when shopping for a new dining set.

Space-Saving Shape Makes Room for More Guests

The oval shape is naturally conducive to fitting more chairs around the table perimeter. The smooth curved edges on both sides enable seating to be tucked in closer. This allows you to accommodate up to eight people without cramming.Oval  pedestal dining tables take up less visual floor space as well compared to wide rectangular tables. Their slim pedestal base only has a single contact point on the floor that leaves plenty of leg room for guests.

Sleek Pedestal Base Radiates Sophistication

A dining table set upon a pedestal brings elegance through simplicity of form. The sleek table base appears almost weightless at times, focusing full attention on the gorgeous tabletop design.Pedestal supports are most commonly found in round and oval table shapes.Not only do they embody refinement, but they also make scooting chairs out from the table graceful without crisscrossing wide table legs or bulky bases obstructing access.

Design Flexibility for Diverse Decors

One of the most endearing benefits of the versatile oval table shape is how it cosmetically suits both modern minimalism and ornate traditional interiors equally well.Contemporary homes tend to integrate oval glass, stone or metal tables with polished chrome pedestal bases. Traditional styled rooms can opt for oval wood tables with elegantly fluted post supports. Unique handcrafted bases that mimic sculpture pedestals are also growing in popularity.

Oval Pedestal Dining Tables

Oval Pedestal Dining Tables Complement Diverse Decor Styles

Minimalist Look Suits Contemporary Trends

The simple, clean lines of oval pedestal tables align with contemporary design aesthetics. Their slim base and curved edges embody minimalism without looking stark.Oval tables with antique mirrored or smoky gray tinted glass tabletops atop slim pedestals are very modern dining options. For a brilliant pop of color, vivid red lacquered oval tables anchored by gleaming posts radiate modern vibrancy.

Ornate Carvings & Natural Wood Fit Traditional Rooms

On the opposite decor spectrum, oval pedestal tables take on traditional richness when crafted from quality solid wood slabs displaying beautiful organic grain patterns.Mahogany’s deep reddish hue and walnut’s varying chocolate tones bring visual warmth. Intricately carved pedestal posts and cabriole legs reinforce traditional opulence. Designs mimicking Greek columns and tri-based antique furnishings connect to period traditional styles with timeless flair.

Key Things to Consider When Shopping

When evaluating oval pedestal tables, concentrate first on available floor space dimensions to determine ideal table sizes.Standard oval tables can comfortably seat six people at widths ranging between 35-42 inches wide to a length span of 60-84 inches long.Oval tables also come in grand scales over 100 inches long for luxurious formal dining with seating for ten or more.

Next, think about your personal decor theme and color scheme. Tables with coordinating chair sets are available, or you can mix and match separate table and seating purchases.

Finally, factor quality craftsmanship and construction. Hardwood oak, maple or mahogany tables with durable finishes or durable tempered glass tops offer lasting value for years beyond quick fads. Investing in a quality dining table that suits your lifestyle and design taste makes coming together for meals all the more enjoyable.

Oval Pedestal Dining Tables

Key Tips for Selecting the Perfect Oval Pedestal Dining Table

An oval pedestal dining table serves as both a functional and stylistic focal point in your dining room. Its slim pedestal base and smoothly curved tabletop create an inviting feel while fitting more seated guests comfortably. When shopping for an oval dining table anchored by a single base, keep these top tips in mind to choose the right size, design and quality for your home.

Determine Ideal Table Dimensions

Assessing your room size and typical dining party numbers comes first when deciding on oval table proportions. Measure where the table will sit, including entryways or traffic lanes around it.Standard ovals safely accommodate six chairs at widths spanning 35-42 inches wide and lengths of 60-84 inches. Grand scales extend over 100 inches long for formal settings and seating 10 or more guests.

Also consider table height, averaging 30 inches tall for dining. Adjustable height pedestal bases are also available to customize fitting chairs below.Don’t overlook the base footprint size too, which commonly measures 24-30 inches in diameter. Pedestals taper nearer the floor for legroom.

Evaluate Design Styles & Decor Compatibility

The adaptable oval shape chameleon-like fits into both traditional and contemporary decors equally well. When visualizing oval tables in your intended dining room, think about the overall decor scheme.For modern styles, opt for clean-lined ovals with metal bases in chrome or colored accents. Glass tops add to the streamlined look.

Conversely, traditional rooms welcome ornate wood oval tables with intricately carved pedestals and legs.Dark wood finishes like mahogany or walnut suit more formal interiors. Distressed oak tables also convey laidback cottage charm. Match existing furniture finishes when possible.

Assess Quality Craftsmanship & Durability

While browsing oval pedestal table selections, take time to inspect construction details that signal enduring quality built to last for generations.

Solid Hardwood Craftsmanship Offers Heirloom Value

Seeking out solid wood tabletops highlights the beauty of natural grain patterns not found in wood veneers. Joints should fit tightly with no uneven gaps.Quality indicators on pedestals and legs also include smooth sculpting and weighting that prevents wobbling. For the most heirloom value, American-made hardwood furniture retains local character.

Tempered Glass Tops Add Durable Transparency

Oval glass dining tables let light radiate through rooms, accentuating graceful pedestal bases more. The glass itself must withstand heavy use and resist scratches, fogging or chipping. Tempered safety glass tops meet strict durability standards, securing smooth transparent surfaces. Edges gain added protection from polished treatments or metal trim guards.

By keeping these essential selection criteria in mind, you’ll discover the perfect oval pedestal dining table to suit your personal style and everyday living for years beyond. Don’t settle on just adequate. Seek outstanding craftsmanship and design tailored especially for you. Then make your table the crowning jewel of memorable shared meals that nourish body and soul.

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