Round vs Square Dining Tables

Round vs Square Dining Tables

Round vs Square Dining Table , Which is Better

Dining table is essential dining furniture of every family. And from the material classification, dining table on the wood, stone, metal and other options.In terms of appearance, we have two choices: round dining table and square dining table. From the dining table material, you can choose according to preference. But how to choose from the appearance of the round dining tables and square dining tables?Round vs square dining table,which is better? Many friends in the dining table selection, tangled for a long time, do not know exactly choose which is better.

Round vs Square Dining TablesRound Dining Table’s Pros and Cons

When the whole family gathers together to have a meal, it is very auspicious and brings good fortune. Moreover, we will create a better atmosphere when we are using a round dining table with families to eat together.

From the point of view of convenience, sitting on a round table is easier to clip the meal on the table. And it’s able to take care of all the people at the table. At the same time, round dining tables have no corners, making them better for families with children.

But the round dining table covers a large area. If the home space is small, put the round dining table is very inconvenient. And then if usually less people, the meal time will appear cold, can not support the round table table.

Round vs Square Dining Tables

Square Dining Table’s Pros and Cons

Nowadays, there are also many people who choose square dining table. Square table has the symbolism of stability and peace. We prefer to use square dining table which is especially suitable for those small houses.

Because we can place the square dining table against the wall that will not take up too much space. And square dining table is more suitable for formal occasions. Dining table location, the main and secondary, will make people feel more solemn and serious. But the square dining table has corners, so it will inevitably collide.

The safety factor of square dining table is relatively low. There is also the limitation of the shape of the table. If there are too many people, we will not be able to put the square table. Because the house will be more crowded.

Round vs Square Dining TablesHow to Choose Dining Tables

The choice of the shape of dining table is closely related to the size and layout of dining room space. For long or small narrow dining room type, we’d better choose a square dining table. Because the shape of the square dining table can reasonably utilize the part of the dining room corner space.

For example, you can usually put the square dining table against the wall that can save space. Or expanding the area of the aisle, so that the dining room space appears more spacious. For square type or large area type of dining room type, it is recommended to choose round dining table.

Because the dining room area is large, then need to put a relatively large round dining table to match. So that the whole will be more coordinated, highlighting the space of spacious atmosphere.

Square, Round Dining Tables Practicality Comparison

If the family population is only 2~3 people, we recommend to choose a square dining table. Because 2~3 people sitting at a round table, will cause the opposite side of the round table is empty. And dispersed sitting, but also easy to let people produce the feeling of alienation.

So, we aprreciate the choice of square dining table. If the family has 4~6 mouths, we recommend to choose round dining table. The whole family sitting around the meal together, the family atmosphere is more intense.

Besides, the distance from the dining staff to the middle point position of the round dining table is the same. With the round table carousel, it’s more convenient to clip the food. So many people feel in their hearts that the round dining table is more practical.

Round vs Square Dining Tables

Square and Round Dining Table and Decoration Style

Generally modern minimalist style of decoration tends to use the square dining table. Square table is generally more modern, fashionable and more styles. But if the overall decoration style of the home is inclined to the Chinese or European style, we recommend to choose of round table.

Few people choose square dining table, more people choose round dining table. If you often have guests and relatives come to dinner, you can choose the square table folding models. Just pull open the table can be transformed into a round table design.

If you don’t have sideboards, then the table also needs to act as a certain plant counter top function. Such as tea, cold water pots and so on, usually we need to place them on top of the table. If it is a round dining table, we can’t place it against the wall.

When eating we can only place these items in the middle of the dining table, which affect to eat food. Square dining table, you can have a side next to the wall, tea sets, kettles and so on. We can place them on the wall part of the dining table, the normal dining is not affected.

Round vs Square Dining TablesSafety of Dining Tables

Dining table is a big furniture. We can not ignore the existence of dining table. And we must pay attention to the safety of the dining table, especially the square dining table. Whether it is an adult or a child, it is easy to produce a bump with four sharp corners.Therefore, in the selection of square dining table, you can take our advice. We recommend to choose the sharp corners of the rounded design style of the anti-knock treatment, to avoid bumping injuries.

The dining table is closely related to our life, so we must be more careful when we buy. Everyone should focus on the above points.The shape of the dining table selection by the dining room mutual influence is very big. We allow to make the choice between round and square according to the dining room type of case fristly. And then according to the decorative style and personal preferences to choose the material of the dining table.

Finally, whether it is a square table or round table have their own advantages and limitations. You should combine their own actual situation to buy. I hope everyone can choose the dining table to their satisfaction.

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