Patio Dining Tables

Patio Dining Tables


Outdoor dining spaces extend living areas and entertainment possibilities through three seasons.Patio dining tables create the perfect outdoor space , easy maintenance and flexible sizing options to fit your needs.Make the most of patio and deck footprints for gathering family and friends together alfresco by choosing the right dining table as your focal point. Consider size, shape, materials, and mobility when selecting furnishings resilient enough to live outdoors but refined enough for elegant dining under the stars.

Choosing the Best Patio Dining Table for Your Outdoor Living Space

Expanding livable space and entertaining outdoors has made patio dining tables increasingly popular backdoor investments. Dining alfresco connects us to nature, fresh air, and slower pace as the seasons transition. Considering each patio’s proportions and purposes helps tailor table type selections to suit layouts and lifestyles beautifully. Review popular materials, sizes, shapes and mobility options when planning the foundation for enjoying many meals ahead outdoors.

Measure Your Patio’s Dimensions

Evaluate the hardscape footprint available and envision traffic flow to determine dimensions. Rectangular tables typically seat 4 to 6 diners comfortably at about 36-inches per person. Round patio tables often seat 4 in a smaller footprint best for tighter spaces. For frequent larger gatherings, look for oval or rectangular expandable tables. But avoid overcrowding the area or blocking functional spaces.

Patio Dining TablesChoose Dining-Height for Comfort

Most patio dining sets range from standard table heights of 30-inches to bar or counter height tables measuring 36 to 42-inches tall. Taller table types make rising from and being seated in dining chairs easier for grandparents or guests with mobility limitations. But they do cost more and can limit material options compared to basic heights.

Select Durable, Low-Maintenance Materials

Outdoor tables endure rain, sunlight, temperature shifts, and humidity year-round. All-weather wicker resin hand-woven over rust resistant aluminum frames makes exceptionally durable, resilient table tops and bases. 

Compare Mobility Enhancements

Some patio dining tables feature wheels, foldable halves, or quick breakdown frames to conveniently roll away, collapse, or store tables not in use. Wheeled bases prove ideal for compact storage against a wall or under eaves. 

Types of Patio Dining Tables

All-Weather Resin Wicker:Resin-wrapped woven wicker in neutral hues or multitone finishes resists fading and stains even in intense sunlight and weather shifts. Aluminum or steel frames prove rust resistant as well for durable, resilient patio tables across years. Cleanup proves simple with a damp cloth. 

Teak Wood:Teak naturally resists water, warping, bugs and rot initially, but requires frequent sealing, polishing, and oiling to maintain its signature beauty and integrity through years outdoors. Its oil components may rub off on clothes though.

Stone and Tile Mosaic:Concrete, stone, and porcelain pieces make artistic, eco-friendly tabletops for one-of-a-kind style, but thick builds weigh considerably for mobility. Grout also requires occasional maintenance to avoid staining.

Patio Dining TablesPatio Dining Tables:  Suitable Materials 

If the patio is not covered and the dining table is often wet from rain, aluminum alloy dining tables are the first choice. Aluminum alloy telescopic dining tables and chairs, telescopic dining tables take up little space .

If the patio garden area is not very large, the dining table can be retracted at normal times and extended when there are guests. . The frames of the tables and chairs are made of aluminum alloy. They are not easy to rust, corrode or break if placed outdoors for a long time. There is no need to deliberately maintain them at normal times and you can just leave them there.

Patio Dining Tables:Match the Style 

The style of outdoor patio dining table should consider the design style of your patio, is it European or American? It would be better to match it according to the style. The combination is atmospheric and full of tension.The table body has cleaned and generous lines with sharp edges and corners.

The thick board adopts a horizontal hollow design, which emphasizes the spatial effect and visual expression of the lines. The life of leisure requires a sense of ritual. Stealing half a day of leisure and living a comfortable life is what outdoor furniture pursues

The shape of the patio table

The rectangular dining table has a versatile style and many people will choose the shape. The round dining table is more suitable for some countries where it is necessary to share food with each other.A reasonable dining table size can make the courtyard look more coordinated and beautiful, and make dining comfortable.

Patio Dining Tables: Advantages

Flexibility:One major benefit patio dining tables provide is flexibility. They easily fold or roll to compact storage when not in use. Glass, metal or wood tables suit any décor. For small spaces, compact bistro sets with two chairs work well.

Durability:Today’s patio furniture holds up better than older pieces. Tables made from teak, aluminum or weather-resistant wicker resist damage from sunlight, moisture and temperature changes. These sturdy, low-maintenance materials are ideal for outdoor use.

Ambiance:A patio table creates an inviting space for dining and entertaining alfresco. Strategically placed umbrella lights and lanterns lend beautiful ambiance to a patio meal at night. During the day, colorful table umbrellas provide shade and style.

patio dining table

Patio Dining Tables: Disadvantages

Size Limitations:One downside of patio tables is their limited size capacity. Large families or groups may find the standard 48 to 60-inch round or oval tables too small for their needs. Rectangular tables only seat a modest number.

Upkeep:While today’s patio tables resist weathering, some periodic maintenance is still required. Wrought iron or metal frames may need touch-up paint. Table tops and cushions need cleaning. Anything left uncovered outdoors will degrade faster.

Storage Space:Unless custom built, most patio table sets must be stored during inclement weather. This can take up significant garage or shed space if you lack a covered porch area. Space limitations may rule out large dining sets.When selecting outdoor dining furniture, assess your needs, style, space constraints and upkeep capabilities. With some planning, you can enjoy lovely alfresco meals from the comfort of your patio.


The right outdoor dining table readies your patio for hours of mealtime memories and meaningful moments shared under the sun and stars. Mind interior style preferences and outdoor living functionality needs when selecting durable, low-maintenance patio furniture tailored to your unique gathering desires. Partner the properly sized and shaped table with plush seating to set the stage for elevated backyard hospitality all summer and fall long. 




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