How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier

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Choosing the Perfect Rectangular Chandelier Size for Your Dining Space

A stunning rectangular chandelier makes a dramatic style statement, illuminating your dining table.

But what size should you choose for an elegant fixture that’s proportional to your space without overwhelming?

Follow key considerations around room dimensions, fixture placement and more to strike the right balance.

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Take Stock of Your Dining

Area Start by carefully measuring your full dining space, including table and chair placement. Note ceiling height, table shape and dimensions, and the floor area seats occupy around the table.

This informs ideal hanging height and fixtures size complementing your footprint.

Focus on the table itself – a rectangular chandelier should be equal or up to 20% longer than table length and cover at least 2/3rds of the width.

But also assess walkways and site lines accounting for pulled out chairs, so the fixture enhances ambiance without hindering movement.

Strategic Positioning is Key

Rectangular chandeliers make most visual impact centered precisely over the dining table itself hovering 30-36 inches above the surface. This provides beautiful downward illumination and sparkle factor without impeding guest interactions by hanging too low.

For particularly lengthy farmhouse-style tables, using two narrow coordinated rectangular fixtures provides balance.

Hang them closer to each ends of the table to amplify dimension. J

ust ensure ample room remains between bottom of fixture and tallest dwellers when seated.

Mind Proportion and Scale

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Ideally a rectangular chandelier’s length exceeds table width but doesn’t span more than 20% over ends when centered.

An overlarge fixture conflicts with space symmetry and feels discordantly massive overwhelming the area.

But too petite fails to make proper visual impact.

As general rule of thumb, the chandelier perimeter should measure at least half the room’s length and width for cohesion tying space together beautifully. just adjust proportional sizing based on personal style preferences and lighting needs.


Consider Your Style

Crystal, wrought iron, brass, bronze, gold – material and shape vastly impacts aesthetic. So factor desired style into size suitability.

Feminine curved metalwork suits smaller spaces than imposing solid rectangular industrial designs for example.

Judiciously increasing glittering crystal cascade width or length boosts drama to balance more ornate metalwork in a room.

Simplify sculptural rectangular silhouettes though for contemporary edge in modest rooms. Just tailor shape and embellishments to intended style and vibe.

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The Art of Illumination

Beyond beauty, appropriately sized dining chandeliers bathe the full table in welcoming light for meal enjoyment without shadows or eyestrain from under or overpowered brightness.

So factor in bulb type, quantity and watt equivalents needed when gauging fixture dimensions.

LED lighting allows slimmer profiles than traditional bulbs requiring more hardware bulk. Then scale rectangular length to house all lighting elegantly.

With some careful calculations, you can select the ideal dining chandelier with gorgeous presence enhancing your space’s unique footprint and style for years of exquisite ambiance.

Just stick to proportional guidelines ensuring both aesthetics and practical illumination shine beautifully.

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