What Color Dining Table Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

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What Color Dining Table Goes With Dark Wood Floors? If you have beautiful dark wood flooring anchoring your dining room, you may be wondering what dining table color will look best to tie the whole space together beautifully. The hue and style of your table play a key role, impacting the feeling and coordinated look of the full room.

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In this article, we’ll explore popular dining table color options for dark wood floors so you can make the best choice for your home décor and entertaining needs.

Crisp White Dining Table

One great option is choosing a crisp white dining table, which contrasts strongly against the dark flooring while brightening up the space visually.

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Poplar, oak or maple tables painted in a bright white finish truly pop in rooms with espresso floors or other dark wood tones. White furniture is also easy to coordinate new chairs and table decor with by season or special occasion.

Warm Wood Tone Dining Table

Another seamless choice is selecting a dining table made of wood in a neutral tone that aligns closely with the shade of your flooring.

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Tables made of hickory, acacia, rustic gray wood, deep walnut, or lightly distressed oak will blend in a lovely, coordinated way. Matching up the finishes connects the furniture elegantly. Concrete table tops also pair wonderfully with dark floors for an earthy, organic aesthetic.

Vibrant Painted Table

If you want your dining table to stand out as the star and focal point of the dining room, choose a vibrant painted color that contrasts sharply with those moody dark wood floors.

=Color Dining TableDining tables painted in deep red, bright blue, refreshing green or cheerful yellow all pop beautifully while injecting a fun energy. Complement your vivid dining table with equally lively colored dining chairs, lighting or décor.

Black Lacquer Dining Table

One slightly counterintuitive yet stunning dining table option for dark floors is to lean fully into the dramatic effect by choosing a table with an ultra-dark black lacquered finish.

Color Dining Table

The pairing of black furniture on black floors makes the space feel intimate yet visually lighter. Offset that deeply toned color palette with accents of bright silver, crystalline glassware or ivory dishware for a glamorous fine dining aesthetic.

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