How to Decorate a Square Dining Table?

Square Dining Table

The balanced symmetry of a square dining table allows for dazzling, cohesive decor. Take advantage of the shape with these ideas for gorgeously styling a square dining space:


Square Dining Table
Square Dining Table

Creative Centerpieces

The middle of a square table is the perfect canvas for eye-catching centerpieces:

Lush Floral Display

  • A vibrant bouquet of oversized blooms in a short glass or ceramic vase makes a stunning centerpiece.
  • Choose flowers like peonies, roses, dahlias, or other large-headed blooms. Stick to one or two colors for bold contrast.
  • Keep the vase low and transparent to showcase the flowers. Place fanned magazines or books underneath for height if needed.

Sculptural Elements

  • Place a substantial glass, metal, stone, or ceramic sculptural piece in the center of the table as the focal point.
  • Choose a weighty, symmetrical piece to complement the shape and draw the eye. Gold, silver, black and white finishes create sophistication.
  • Surround the sculpture with decor like candles, glass beads, flowers, etc. to embellish.

Candle Cubes

  • Gather thick pillar candles in matching height and arrange symmetrically in a square or diamond formation.
  • Alternate candle colors for a bolder look. Use varying height candles to add dimension.
  • Surround with small votives to amplify the glow.

Stylish Linens and Place Settings

Linens and place settings designed with the shape in mind complete the coordinated look:

Crisp Square Tablecloths

  • A perfectly pressed square tablecloth hanging evenly on each side looks refined.
  • Stick to solid white, black, navy, or neutral earth tones like tan, gray, or ivory.
  • For texture interest, layer a burlap runner over a linen tablecloth down the center.

Geometric Patterned Linens

  • Checkered, plaid, or lattice print tablecloths complement a square table’s angles.
  • Play with classic black and white or rich jewel-toned hues like ruby red and emerald green.
  • Fold patterned napkins in square shapes and layer on patterned placemats.

Leather or Wood Placemats

  • Leather or wood placemats add organic texture in colors like tan, espresso and driftwood grey.
  • Choose woven and stitched leather details or live edge wood slabs.
  • Mix materials with linen napkins and patterned tablecloths.
Square Dining Table

Dishware and Glassware

Plates, chargers and glassware should align with the square motif:

Patterned China

  • Look for square, grid, or geometric print china patterns with clean lines and angles.
  • Modern black and white graphic prints or Moroccan tiles liven up the tablescape.
  • Continue patterns into glassware like grid etched drinkware.

Metallic Accents

  • Place gleaming gold, silver, or copper charger plates to instantly glam up place settings.
  • Use matching drinkware like hammered copper mugs or jewel-toned glassware.
  • A set of geometric candleholders also brings shine.

Textured Linens

  • Complement dishes and chargers with square folded napkins in seagrass, embroidered linen, or velvet.

Lighting to Spotlight the Table

Lighting plays a key role in the ambiance:

Statement Chandelier

  • A bold, symmetrical chandelier makes a stunning impression over the center of the table.
  • For grand impact, choose a fixture equal or wider than the table’s dimensions.

Mounted Wall Sconces

  • Place matching sconces or pendants directly over each corner of the table, connecting the edges.
  • Black, brass, chrome, glass and crystal all look striking.


  • Place matching sets of tall candlesticks along the center of each edge for cozy, symmetrical candlelight.

Decorating a square dining table deserves attention to balanced, striking arrangements and a cohesive motif. Embrace the shape with bold textures, patterns and focal points.


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