How big should the chandelier above the dining table be?

Dining Table

When choosing a chandelier to hang above your dining table, one of the most important factors to consider is proper scaling. The size of the chandelier should be proportional to the size of the table, as well as the room, in order to make the right visual impact. Here are some tips on how to choose the right sized chandelier for your dining space:

chandelier be over dining table

Measure the Dimensions of Your Dining Table and Room

  • First, measure the length and width of your dining table. Make sure to measure across the widest points. This will give you the overall footprint of the table.
  • Next, measure the dimensions of the entire dining room space. Pay attention to the ceiling height as well.
  • Having these measurements will allow you to choose a chandelier that is well-scaled and avoids two common problems: too small, where it gets lost in the room; or too large, where it overwhelms the table and surroundings.

Consider the Style and Visual Weight of the Chandelier

  • Chandeliers come in a huge range of styles, from delicate and airy, to bold and heavy. The visual weight and look of the chandelier will impact what size is appropriate.
  • More delicate chandeliers with thin, wispy arms can be slightly smaller in scale than the table width.
  • Substantial chandeliers with thick, bold arms and lots of dangling crystals should be closer in width to the table’s measurements.
  • Traditional chandeliers with candelabra bulbs also tend to look best when wider than sleek, modern styles.
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General Guidelines Based on Room Size

Here are some general rules of thumb to follow:

For dining rooms up to 12 feet wide:

  • Choose a chandelier that is 2⁄3 the width of the table. This provides nice symmetry and balance.
  • For very petite dining nooks, look for chandeliers in the 24-36 inch width range.

For dining rooms 12–14 feet wide:

  • Look for chandeliers 3⁄4 the width of the table or up to 50 inches wide.

For dining rooms over 14 feet wide:

  • Chandeliers can be equal to or slightly narrower than the table width, up to around 60-72 inches wide.
  • For grand banquet sized dining rooms, an oversized chandelier equal to the table width can look stunning.

Adjust for Ceiling Height

  • The height of the ceiling is another key factor. If you have a cozy room with only 7 to 8 foot ceilings, err on the smaller side for chandelier sizes.
  • For dramatic high ceilings of 10 feet or higher, you have more leeway to select a larger chandelier that makes a bold statement.

Positioning Height Above the Table

Proper chandelier height above the table is also important:

  • For 6 foot ceilings, hang chandelier 26-30 inches above table.
  • For 8 foot ceilings, hang it 30-34 inches above table.
  • For 10 foot or higher ceilings, 32-36 inches above table is ideal.
  • Adjust up or down 2 inches depending on the chandelier style and visual weight.
  • The bottom of the chandelier crystals should hang at least 28-32 inches above the table.

Match Chandelier and Table Base Styles

  • Look for a chandelier that has a style, finish, and level of ornamentation that complements your dining table base.
  • A chunky farmhouse trestle base looks perfect under a wrought iron chandelier.
  • A crystal chandelier pairs beautifully with a polished wood or marble dining table.
  • If your dining table has a unique style, let the chandelier reflect that as well.

Consider a Statement Chandelier in Open Floor Plans

  • For open concept spaces where the dining area flows into a kitchen or living room, choose a chandelier that acts as a striking focal point.
  • A bold, dramatic chandelier can help define the dining zone and make it feel like a distinct space.

Add Dimming Capabilities

  • Look for chandeliers that allow you to control the level of brightness. Dimmers let you create the right ambiance for family meals or dinner parties.
  • LED chandeliers are also great options as they emit less heat while saving energy.


When selecting your dining room chandelier, keep these general sizing guidelines, room proportions, and style matching tips in mind. And remember to have fun choosing a chandelier that reflects your personal taste and design aesthetic! The right chandelier can truly elevate your dining space and create a stunning visual impact.


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