A Comprehensive Guide to Decorating a Round Dining Table with Style

Round Dining Table

The unique circular shape of a round dining table poses some specific styling challenges but also provides creative decorating opportunities. Without defined corners, the layout requires careful composition to avoid a cluttered or unbalanced appearance. Use these comprehensive tips from interior designers to stylishly decorate your round dining space.

decorate a round dining table

Select Table Linens to Flatter the Shape

Choosing linens with the round shape in mind results in a tailored look:

  • Seek out tablecloths, runners and place mats specifically sized for round tables to generously drape edges. Rectangular linens may appear skimpy.
  • Layer two round cloths of differing diameters and fabrics for interest. Extend runners radially from the center.
  • Soft tasseled trim that accentuates the curved edges adds a refined detail.
  • Neutral solids or subtle patterns keep the focus on any bold centerpieces. Avoid loud prints.

Style a Statement Centerpiece

Since a round table lacks a natural focal point, the centerpiece takes on significance:

  • Select a commanding anchor piece with some height and presence like a cylinder vase, candlestick, or cake stand.
  • Keep scale manageable so guests can converse over the top. Allow at least 12 inches of clearance.
  • Incorporate round shapes like spheres, globes, or wreaths to echo the circular theme.
  • Use an odd number of centerpiece items like a trio of florals or candles for asymmetry.

Repeat Motifs Around the Table

Creating continuity around the tabletop results in a polished coordinated look:

  • Use matching candlesticks, floral colors, or charger plates spaced at regular intervals.
  • Alternate featured decor items with some plain place settings or dishes to avoid clutter.
  • Tie napkins at settings with rings that coordinate with your color scheme.
  • Monogram napkins or embroider tablecloth border with a unifying motif.

Anchor Larger Displays at Table sides

While symmetry rules, avoid overloading the open table center:

  • Place substantial displays like flower arrangements, books, or framed photos at chair sides to anchor edges.
  • Use wall space around the table to mount bold artwork, shelving or greenery.
  • Candlesticks or stacked vases can mark table edges without impeding conversation across the center.
decorate a round dining table

Soften Edges with Drapes and Overlays

Accentuate the round shape while softening the sides using fabric:

  • Affix clips to tablecloth edges to define contour, then embellish with beaded rope tassels and trailing overlays.
  • Layer contrasting materials like lace over linen for interest.
  • Try napkin folds like above-plate fans to soften corners.
  • Drape a beaded charger cloth over the tablecloth for sparkle.

Incorporate Round Mirrors

Mirrors provide clever optical enhancement:

  • Use leaners, hanging discs or framed round mirrors. Groupings of three work well.
  • Position near arrangements to reflect and double candlelight ambiance.
  • Makes a small table seem larger and airy.
  • Keep edges clear so mirrors don’t create clutter.

Play with Angles and Layers

Overlap and criss-cross linens to provide a fresh modern mix:

  • Roll silverware diagonally in napkins speared by rings.
  • Drape multiple runners meeting in the center.
  • Vary napkin folds – triangles, origami boats, or rectangles.
  • Allow linens to gracefully drape to the floor for dimension.

Embrace the Shape with Bold Colors

While ornate patterns compete, clear pops of color provide graphic elegance:

  • Use solid colored linens in tones that complement your dinnerware.
  • Choose brightly hued produce as mini centerpieces – lemons, pomegranates, kale.
  • Contrast bright tablecloth with crisp white dishes and candles.
  • Make stripe patterns with bands of alternating colored runners.

The circular dining table gives you a chance to practice true round design principles. Follow these tips when planning your stylish table decor to develop a look with artistic flair perfect for your space.


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