Kitchen Table Dining in Omaha

Kitchen Table Dining in Omaha

Kitchen Table Dining in Omaha: Top Styles and Places to Buy Your New Table

Kitchen tables are the heart of home life in Omaha. This multi-purpose furniture hub sees family meals, homework sessions, card games, and meaningful conversations daily. With its diverse neighborhoods and range of home styles, Omaha offers many options when it comes to choosing the perfect table for your space. From vintage mid-century pieces to sleek contemporary styles, you can discover your ideal kitchen table here. This article explores popular kitchen table styles found in Omaha homes and the best local stores to shop quality tables for your space.

Most Popular Kitchen Table Styles in Omaha

Farmhouse style remains widely beloved in Omaha homes, from urban lofts to rural family homes. The warm, casual look fits the city’s down-to-earth vibe. Expect to see plenty of wood plank tops and turned leg tables accented by raffia pendant lights.

Mid-century modern styles also thrive thanks to Omaha’s many post-war homes. Look for tapered legs and integrated self-storing leaves that allow versatility in small kitchens. These retro-inspired silhouettes work nicely with the city’s more contemporary spaces too.

For truly modern table options, mixed materials like wood, metal and stone pair beautifully in open concept kitchens. Clean angles and an airy, minimalist aesthetic define these contemporary Omaha tables.

Kitchen Table Dining in OmahaWhere to Buy Your Omaha Kitchen Table

Fortunately, Omaha offers countless excellent options when shopping for a new kitchen table locally. Here are some top spots to explore by neighborhood:

Downtown Omaha

  • The Old Market – Boutiques and antique shops offer a treasure trove of unique tables. Find anything from 19th century farmhouse styles to groovy mid-century pieces.
  • Nebraska Furniture Mart – The massive Oakview Dr. location has limitless table collections across every style. Shop in-stock or design custom.
  • Home Reserve – High-quality contemporary and modern tables and chairs made in Omaha. Great mix of materials.

West Omaha

  • Pottery Barn – National retailer with classic dining sets plus rustic, industrial and modern styles. Large West Omaha showroom.
  • Mathison’s – Family-owned for over 50 years, offering traditional to modern tables from quality brands. Helpful design services.
  • Highlander Accents – Locally made custom wood tables in farmhouse, lodge, and other transitional styles.

Midtown Omaha

  • Stokes – For nearly 70 years, Stokes has been an Omaha go-to for stylish mid-century furniture. Iconic tables and retro sets.
  • Holland’s – A variety of dining sets from this historic Dundee boutique. Known for great vintage and painted pieces.
  • Upholstery Unlimited – Custom-made tables in traditional, modern and mixed-material styles.

South Omaha

  • Slumberland – National chain with budget-friendly selection of functional tables. Easy online or in-store ordering.
  • Furniture Row – Massive selection of every style imaginable. Helpful design consultants assist you.
  • Nebraska Furniture Outlet – Discount outlet for new tables in traditional through contemporary styles.

Don’t settle for an impersonal big-box table. Omaha’s many excellent local shops make it easy to find your perfect kitchen table reflecting your style, needs and budget. With some exploring around town, you’ll discover the ideal heart of your home.

Kitchen Table Dining in OmahaCustom-Built Kitchen Tables in Omaha: Are They Worth It?

In Omaha, finding the perfect kitchen table means weighing the options between mass-produced retailer sets or investing in a custom-made piece.Custom tables allow you to dictate every design detail in your Omaha home. But is a custom build worth the time and cost when you could easily pick up a quality table from the many furnishings stores around town?Here, we’ll explore the key upsides and potential downsides of commissioning a one-of-a-kind kitchen table in Omaha.

Why Choose Custom for Your Omaha Kitchen?

Authentic Materials

Rather than veneers and particleboard, custom tables use real wood grains like walnut, maple and oak in quality thicknesses. This inherent durability ensures generations of use.

Unique Personalization 

From size, shape, wood, finish and more – you control every specification. The table reflects your tastes and needs exactly.

Heirloom Quality 

Careful hand-craftsmanship yields furniture built to last beyond trends. Your custom table becomes a cherished family keepsake.

Supports Local Craftsmen 

Choosing local Omaha artisans supports your community and small businesses. Relationships with the makers build meaning.

Eco-Friendly Ethos 

Sustainable woods and less waste appeal to green values. Your purchase furthers mindful creation practices.

Seamless Fit 

Tailored options like leaf integration and specialized dimensions allow an ideal fit for your kitchen’s layout and traffic flow.

Ongoing Service 

Local providers continue caring for you after the sale if repairs or changes are ever needed through the years.

For many in Omaha, the chance to own a sustainably-crafted furnishing imbued with personal significance justifies the investment in custom craftsmanship.

Kitchen Table Dining in Omaha

Potential Downsides to Weigh

  • Extended Timeline – From design finalization to material procurement to expert construction, the process spans several months typically. Patience is key.
  • Higher Cost – Unique creations demand more hands-on effort and premium materials. Custom builds run $1,000+ easily. Budget accordingly.
  • Limited Selection – You won’t browse hundreds of style options like a furniture showroom. The vision is yours alone to create.
  • No Returns – As a bespoke piece, custom tables can’t be easily returned or exchanged. You’re committed once contracted.

For some, the extra wait and cost outweigh the benefits of customization. Being unable to see and test the table beforehand can also deter more cautious shoppers.

Choosing Your Omaha Custom Furniture Builder

The maker you choose for your custom kitchen table matters deeply. Seek out respected Omaha-based craftsmen known for:

  • Mastery of Materials – Look for expertise working with solid wood species to shape legs, surfaces, bases to your preferences.
  • Design Proficiency – Your builder should comfortably translate your vision of style, form and function into a feasible design.
  • Business Reputation – Read reviews and talk to past clients. Quality customer service should continue long after you receive your custom piece.
  • Reasonable Pricing – Legitimate custom work has associated costs. But reputable builders offer fair overall value aligned with their level of craft.

Omaha contractors like premier custom wood and Custom Made match these ideals. They welcome collaborating with you on your perfect kitchen centerpiece.

Is Custom Right for You? Ask Yourself:

  •  Are you drawn to natural materials and fine craftsmanship?
  •  Do you appreciate furniture with history and unique details?
  •  Do you enjoy envisioning furniture designs that reflect your needs?
  •  Are you willing to trade instant gratification for a meaningful long-term piece?
  •  Does supporting local artisans appeal to your values?

If you answered yes, then a custom-made table could be a rewarding route in your Omaha home. Those preferring accessible immediate options may find ready-to-purchase tables better suit their needs.

In the end, only you can decide if acquiring a tailor-made heirloom is worth the time and financial investment. But for many discerning Omaha homeowners, the chance to manifest a sustainable, highly-personalized showpiece offsets any inconvenience. The right custom builder simplifies the process, delivering a table as unique as you.

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