Chandelier above dining table

How High to Hang a Chandelier Over a Dining Table

Nothing amplifies dining ambiance quite like an opulent fixture flooding the space with luminous ambiance. But incorrectly positioned, your ostentatious statement chandelier risks resembling awkward stage props rather than polished design stars. How high to hang a chandelier over a dining table ? Follow these elevation specifics fitting your ceiling and furnishings beautifully.   Accounting…

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Dining Rug

How to Size a Rug for Your Dining Room

Whether your dining space flaunts a gleaming marble floor or basic hardwood, incorporating a rug underneath the table instantly warms up the ambiance. But what size rug do you need? Going too small looks oddly fractional. Too large overwhelms the room. Use these handy calculations to determine the ideal dining rug dimensions befitting your footprint….

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How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier缩略图

How to Choose the Right Size Chandelier

Choosing the Perfect Rectangular Chandelier Size for Your Dining Space A stunning rectangular chandelier makes a dramatic style statement, illuminating your dining table. But what size should you choose for an elegant fixture that’s proportional to your space without overwhelming? Follow key considerations around room dimensions, fixture placement and more to strike the right balance….

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How Tall is a Dining Room Table?

When shopping for a new dining table or chairs, one key measurement to consider is the standard dining table height. Selecting a table with comfortable proportions for your space that matches typical dining chair heights helps create optimal seating comfort and ergonomics. So what is the typical range for standard dining room table heights? Read…

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Round Dining table

How Many People Can Sit on A 72-inch Round Dining Table?

Round dining tables offer several advantages over rectangular or oval shapes that make them popular choices for kitchens and dining rooms. Their circular design allows for effortless face-to-face conversation without any head of the table disputes. The uniform shape also enables flexible seating arrangements to accommodate various group sizes. But how many chairs actually fit…

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