Add an Extension to a Dining Table

How to Add an Extension to a Dining Table?

Adding a table extension leaf allows you to accommodate more guests and expand seating for holidays or dinner parties. Follow these tips to properly install an extension on your existing dining table: Step 1: Measure Space for Expanded Table Before purchasing an extension, take measurements to ensure enough space: Measure overall dining room dimensions, accounting…

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Square Dining Table

How to Decorate a Square Dining Table?

The balanced symmetry of a square dining table allows for dazzling, cohesive decor. Take advantage of the shape with these ideas for gorgeously styling a square dining space:   Creative Centerpieces The middle of a square table is the perfect canvas for eye-catching centerpieces: Lush Floral Display A vibrant bouquet of oversized blooms in a…

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rug under the dining table

Should I put a rug under the dining table?

Whether to place a rug underneath your dining table is a common decorating dilemma. Rugs can provide many benefits in dining spaces, but also come with potential drawbacks. Consider all the pros and cons when making this decision for your home. The Potential Benefits of Using a Rug Under a Dining Table Rugs offer several…

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high above dining table

How High should the Light be from the Dining Table?

  Positioning Dining Room Light Fixtures for Ideal Illumination   A perfectly centered glow brightening mealtime faces without glaring into eyes requires strategic dining fixture placement. Whether a dazzling chandelier or trendy linear piece, ideal mounting height depends on intended effect alongside practical visibility needs. How high should the light be from the dining table? …

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Glass Dining Tables

How to Decorate a Glass Dining Table

A glass dining table lends elegance and light to any dining space. The transparent surface reflects and amplifies the decor around it. Follow these tips for beautifully decorating a glass table in ways that enhance its dazzling effect.   Complement with Color Use richly colored table linens, place mats or chargers to provide contrast against…

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table behavior

What Size Dining Table is Needed for a 10×10 Room?

Selecting the ideal dining table dimensions for a 10×10 foot square dining space requires very thoughtful consideration. Choosing the wrong size risks overcrowding or undersizing – but the perfect table will fit the room flawlessly, allow comfortable seating arrangements, and complement your aesthetic style. Follow these helpful tips for identifying a table size that functions…

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Round Dining Table

How to Design a Round Dining Table

A round dining table brings delightful warmth and intimacy to shared meals. The circular shape promotes engaging conversation and connection when gathered for dining. If you’re considering incorporating a versatile round table, follow these tips on how to thoughtfully design this dynamic furniture centerpiece. Mind the Overall Diameter One of the first important decisions is…

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stage a dining room table

How to Decorate a Restaurant Buffet Table

Decorating a restaurant buffet table requires balancing visual appeal with functionality. The tables cape must entice guests while effectively displaying foods for service. Follow these tips for creating an artful buffet spread, diners will rave about. Complement the Color Scheme Strategically choose a color palette that enhances your restaurant’s overall aesthetic. Earthy neutrals like black,…

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